I met my boyfriend on a date with another man

I never really wanted any kids the main reason why is because I didn’t want the responsibility of having to shape and guide and nurture a life. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure if I was the right person to do it so therefore any relationship that I went into I made it quite clear that I didn’t want any children. As you can imagine that limited me to the amount of suitors that I could have however I didn’t mind because I always had the idea that Mr Right would turn up and we would be happy together. Also as a London escort I work nights most of the time so I wouldn’t really be around to help look after the children and I didn’t want them to feel that I was neglecting them I have heard that raising children requires a lot of work and attention which I didn’t have the time or the patience for.


Some of the girls at London escort do you have children and they’ve managed it quite well they have a good balance and they do dedicate a lot of time to their children as well as their work at London escort. I’ve always been in all of these women as I don’t know how they manage to juggle both parenthood and still be really dedicated to their job at the agency.


And one of my dates at London escorts at Charlotte Shoreditch escorts the client took me out to a restaurant in London. We were out for about five hours and we had a really really good time in so strange as funny enough I end up meeting my boyfriend at the restaurant. Obviously at the time I didn’t know he was going to be my boyfriend that he was a waiter at the restaurant who waited on myself and my client all night. He was really sweet and took time to take our orders and considered any dietary needs that we had my client had a lot of allergies so you seem quite picky however the waiter might seem to be boyfriend was very patient with him. His temperament is what made me notice him in the first place I was quite impressed with the way that he handled my client from London escort.


I have to admit I did think about the way to quite a bit so I deliberately booked a table at his restaurant in hopes of seeing him again. I was lucky because he was at the restaurant when I booked my table and although he wasn’t the one waiting on me that day he did recognise me and came over and talk to me. He remembered my name and asked me where my date was. I blushed a little and explain to him that the man I was with last time is not someone that he will be seeing me with again. His eyes lit up and he gave me a cheeky smile as you pass me my bill at the bottom was a telephone number. I was so excited and I did call him back. Since then we’ve been inseparable and the best part is he doesn’t want any children.

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