I found love in France

When I get a chance to have some time off from London escorts, I really love to travel. One of my favorite countries to travel to is France. For some reason, I have always hooked up with a load of guys at London escorts who have enjoyed weekend breaks in France. It did not take me very long to become addicted to France, and before I knew it, I was doing evening classes in French on my days off from London escorts at Charlotte Fulham escorts.


On a night out with my friends from London escorts, I met this guy who was a bit older than me. I don’t know why, but I liked him the moment I laid my eyes on him, and it did not take us very long to become firm friends. It was not love at first sight but he accepted the fact that I worked for London escorts, and did not seem to mind that my lifestyle was a bit alternative as he liked to call it.


There was a lot of difference sides to Philip, and he had some really crazy ideas buzzing in his head. He used to love to take me out for the day when I felt that I needed to take a break from London escorts. We never did anything normal like other people do. Instead of hanging around London for the day, he used to find something a little bit of the wall for us to do. One weekend when I had a three day break from the London escorts service I worked for, he flew me to Wales so I could climb Snowdonia which was something that I had always wanted to do.


However, I was not prepared for what was to come next. A couple of months after we had met, I was getting really fed up with working for London escorts and felt that I wanted to change my life. I had figured that if I rented out my London flat, I could go and live somewhere in France. Over dinner one night, I told Philip about my plans, and it was like the entire man lit up. By now, we were in a relationship, and I thought I knew everything about Philip. But, as it turned out, there was still hidden depths to this man.


That week, Philip told me to take the weekend off from London escorts because he had something he wanted to show me. We were having drinks with my friends from London escorts, and I have to admit that they were still not used to Philip and his crazy ideas. I don’t normally work weekends with London escorts unless I have longer dates so I was happy to take the weekend off. On the Saturday morning, Philip bundled me an my little dog on to his plane, and we flew to France. It was not long before I stood in the gardens of a restored castle with Philip explaining to me that he had bought a few years earlier after having fallen in love with the gardens. Needless to say, we soon found ourselves living in France in our old castle, and were soon joined by a family of ducks, and eventually a couple of kids of our own.

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