I fell in love with the fire fighter who saved my life


It was a regular night after my shift at London escorts at Charlotte basildon escorts I came home and put my food onto warm on the stove. I have done this 1 million times before but this particular night I ended up falling asleep. It ended up that my entire kitchen got burnt down luckily the landlord had installed fire doors which meant that the fire was isolated within the kitchen I didn’t spread to my bedroom or lounge area. I called 999 and the Fire Brigade came very quickly. I couldn’t of asked for a quicker service the guys came in extinguish the fire and sorted everything out and made sure that I was safe. When the firefighters came to extinguish the fire for my kitchen the paramedic who came to deal with me to make sure that I was okay was called Tyrone. I was so scared at the time and seeing and hearing Tyrone soothing voice helped me to relax and manage to absorb what was going on around me. It was from that moment when he rushed to my aid and put his toolbox down the floor and introduced himself I realised I was in love.


The girls from London escort say that it’s because I was in a state of panic and he was the first person to reassure me which is why I have these feelings for him.  This maybe true however I don’t care he is literally the man I want in the man that I’m going to be with. Since the fire I was checked her at the hospital and had a an appointment to go back and just make sure that I was okay a week later. One of my friends from London escorts said that she would come with me so we went to the hospital together. I didn’t actually anticipate that I would see Tyrone there but I did as soon as I walked through the by folding doors he was standing there in his uniform looking gorgeous as ever. I talked to my friends on and said look look that’s him. The girl from London ascots looked at me in a very shy away and smiled and I need her breath she said he’s gorgeous. I had my checkup and deliberately rush past him as I was called up. I apologise for fake bumping into him and then said oh Tyrone it’s you. He gave me that gorgeous smile and said sorry man I didn’t see you there. But I saw him and I deliberately bumped into him. As I shook his hand I sneakily had one of my business cards in my pocket and placed it in his hand I told him to call me went and walked away. I friend from London escort said that was so smooth we giggled like schoolgirls all the way up to my appointment room. I really do hope he does call me I literally can’t stop thinking about him

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