How do you know what sexuality you really are  As children we grow up in a world and a society that typically puts you into boxes.

For work for your responsibilities for your social role how you should behave and who you should love. Growing up I lived in a small town I only moved to London when I was 18 years old. In my small town we were very traditional the women were the homemakers and the men were the breadwinners. Some families in my town even had arranged marriages for their children. Thankfully my parents weren’t that old-fashioned.


We moved to London as my dad had a job opportunity as a family we were anxious about the move as we had heard that London was wild but I personally was really excited. I finish school and I had no idea what it is I wanted to do I just knew I wanted to explore and experience everything.


With my dad working long hours and sometimes away from home and my mum looking after my younger siblings I went looking for work. At a café I bumped into a group of women who approached me and said that I had the most beautiful figure and I was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. I was taken aback a little by their forward approach however really appreciated the compliments. The group of girls explained that they worked for a escort agency called London escorts at Ace Sexy Escorts. They went on to explain that they felt that I would be perfect for the role as I was absolutely flawless in every way.


I had no idea what London escorts was about but from the sounds of things it sounded fun and exciting. I always wanted an adventure and now here was my opportunity. I started working for London escorts I’m really enjoyed the job. I enjoyed all the different experiences that I was able to engage in and participate in with lots of different clients. Meeting all these new people and some of them on an intimate basis was really exhilarating for me. One day the receptionist at London escorts said that I had a booking. They said it was a regular he calls often and uses the escort agency frequently. In my mind I figured it was older gentleman who I just hadn’t seen before. I was most definitely taken aback when I heard that it was a woman. The concept of homosexuality was one that I had read about but not one that I had ever thought of or experienced.


Personally I had not found a male partner or mate that had ever satisfied my emotional needs. And after the date with this beautiful woman I understand why. We spent the entire night together a whole 10 hours luckily for her our rates are cheap so she was able to keep on extending our booking. I felt so close to her on so many levels and my soul was set alight on fire just from being in her presence. This experience has open my mind to the concept of homosexuality and has definitely let me know that you can’t help who you fall in love with.

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