Christmas season is near

Christmas is coming here at London escorts as well, and I am wondering how I should decorate my London escorts boudoir. I love Christmas and I have this tendency to go over the tops. Last year, I cut up a load of old bras and ended up stuffing then with foam so they looked like baubles, and then I hang them on my tree. It was a little bit mad, but it seemed to have gone down well, and my special baubles gave my gents a good laugh.


This year, I seem to be running a little bit behind. We are rapidly approaching the end of November and so far I have only been able to buy candles. I really need get a couple of lanterns or something like that to light up the hallway. It would look nice and as the candles I bought, are scented with vanilla, it would smell nice at the same time. A few more things in the hall and that would mean that the hall is ready.


Are you into Christmas music? I personally love Christmas music and I do listen to it all of the time when I work and at home. Some of my regulars at London escorts do get a bit fed up with my Christmas music, but the truth is that I cannot help it all. I just need to have my Christmas music and there is nothing like Frank Sinatra to set you up for Christmas.


The other thing I must do is to buy stuff to wrap up my Christmas presents. So many of the girls here at London escorts use a professional wrapping service but I am not into that at all. To me it is really important to be able to give everything that personal touch and nothing can be more important than giving your personal touch to your presents. All of my regulars at the escort agency get a nice Christmas present and I do hope that they all appreciate them. It is nothing new, I have always enjoyed giving out presents.


On top of that I need to buy my Christmas pot plants. That is something that is essential part of Christmas¬† and can make a real difference to Christmas. Buying plants in London is very expensive to instead I order all of my plants online and have them sent directly to my London escorts boudoir. I keep the bill and then I right it off against tax when I file my tax return. Once Christmas comes, I am actually rather exhausted. Often I have been running around so much that I cannot wait to take the wait of my feet and relax. Of course I also have my gents’ Christmas presents to look forward to….They are always special and all of my gents at the escort agency, are very generous to me around that time of the year. I just love it!










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