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The Perception Of Escorts

Dating escorts are supposed to be a pleasure. Recently, I have started to worry about the company I keep at my local London escorts agency. I have been using this particular London escorts for some time now, and I have a favorite girl that I like to hook up with during the week. She is a sexy young lady who loves to show me a good time, and in general, I really do enjoy her company.

But, over the last couple of weeks, I have started to worry. One of my friends confessed to dating London escorts. I am not sure what happened, but it is clear that he only decided to tell me after he had a bit of a fall out with one of the girls at the London escorts he used to call on a regular basis. She was his favorite escort, but now he seems to think that she was only after his money and a real gold digger.

Listen to his story, I had to stop and think for a little while. His story sounded all too familiar to me. As a matter of fact, I think that I am very much in the same kind of situation with my own favorite girl from my local London escorts agency. Secretly, I know that I am in love with her, so I am always treating her to little presents and special gifts. I guess I am not the only man dating London escorts who like to spoil his escort.

What worries me is that my girl seems to have me wrapped around her little finger. I have got into the habit of asking her if she wants something special. It is meant genuinely but I am not sure if she sees that way. She keeps asking for more and more expensive gifts, and I get obliging. This is exactly what happened to my friend. The girl he was dating from his local escorts agency, also started to ask for expensive gifts.

In the end, my friend realised he was being fleeced as he says. This girl he was dating was just taking advantage o his good nature and making sure that she got well rewarded in more ways than one. His experience has made me question my own relationship with my favorite London escort. Maybe I should start to date some other London escorts. Without me knowing it, she may just be using me a little bit. I feel terrible about it as she is so sweet, but at the same time, I don’t want to be used by any girl.

How many men find themselves in this situation? I think that many men who like to book London escorts become attached to them, and feel a bit guilty in some ways. It is easy to start to spoil a girl just like I have done. I don’t want to come across mean, but I think that I may have spoiled my girl a bit too much.

Why do I work for London escorts?

I am often asked why I work for London escorts. There are a plethora of reasons I work for London escorts, however, more than anything I get a kick out of dating men from different cultures. I have always enjoyed traveling but I did not know that I would get a kick out of meeting men from other cultures. I can now see why so many London escorts go and work abroad, they get a kick out of dating men from other parts of the world.

Would I move abroad? I would not dream of moving abroad to be fair to you. I love living in London but I do like it when men from all over the world come to visit. Lots of international businessmen visit London and I would say that a large percentage of them do like to hook up with London escorts. If you feel have a particular interest in foreign gents, I think that working for London escorts is a good job for you.

Are there any foreign gents that I prefer? I do like to date American men. When I first started to work for cheap escorts in London, many American men used to treat London escorts rather badly. They thought that we were like American escorts, a bit slutty perhaps but that is not true. Now I think that a lot of American businessmen who visit London like to date London escorts because we give rather a classy service. American businessmen are very generous when it comes to tipping and I guess that I like that about them.

We do get a lot of Australian businessmen visiting London as well. They seem to have a slightly different attitude towards dating London escorts. They get a real kick out of dating London escorts but they just want to party all of the time. Most of the time they go for all night dates and it can be rather hard work. Australian men are not so good at tipping, but if you end up seeing the same guy all of the time, you often get some nice presents. One of my Australian dates even flew me out to Australia for a holiday once and that was great.

I love a bit of variety, and that is what is a great about working for London escorts. You never have to worry about getting bored or anything like that when you work for an escort agency in London. Sure, like most of the other girls I do have a lot of regular dates which is great, however, at the same time, I like to meet men from all over the world. Some girls think that Arab gents are going to be rude, but I have to say that most Arab gents that I met have been really nice, and at the same time, very generous to me. That can make a lot of difference when you work for a London escorts service, and I think that all of the girls I know really appreciate that.

What You Can Do to Keep Her Satisfied in Bed

Women are complex human beings, from their sexuality to public life. They are a hard nut to crack, because different women portray different traits making it challenging to draw patterns of their traits that could help men understand women. In many studies today, women who chose to cheat on their partners because of not being satisfied by their partners in bed. Satisfying a woman in bed is not always a simple task. Below are some of the things to do to make sure that your woman is satisfied in bed:

  1. Trap her emotionally.

Women do not only want just sex, but they also want to have a good reason to get intimate with you. For this reason, you must be slow with her. Avoid making her think that you just want her pants off. Be patient with her and let her want you by the traits of a gentleman you portray. Treat her right, be there for her always, and never give her the reason not to trust you. These are the things that make a woman fond of you and want you more. When a woman is emotionally trapped, this is the first step to making sure that they sexually want you.

  1. Discuss sex with your woman.

Your woman is not just any random girl from the street that you don’t care about their thoughts on sex. Wait for the appropriate time to table the topic of sex. Let her express her feelings on intimacy, what she likes about sex, what she dislikes about sex, her body’s weak points, the sex styles that really make her want it all night, etc. This way you will know what your woman really wants in bed as well as things to avoid. Never assume that because another woman praised your tactics in the sheets that you are now a pro. Women enjoy sex differently.

  1. Foreplay is the secret.

Foreplay is meant to make your woman prepared psychologically. When it comes to arousal, men are often like microwaves, while many women are more like ovens. Foreplay will help to ‘heat her up’ much more quickly and make her ready for sex. It also helps her to feel emotionally important and needed. You should spend time kissing her neck, kissing her lips, sucking her nipples, kissing her thighs, and using your tongue to pleasure her vagina. Let her feel your warm hands all over her body. Always pay attention to realize her weak point during foreplay and spend some time there.

  1. Be flexible in sex styles.

If you discussed sex with your woman, you will know her preferred sex styles. There are so many sex styles you can research about. For best results (satisfying her), always invest time in sex style where the knees of your woman are closest to her chest. In these positions, you will hit the G-spot very easily. Thrust her in her most preferred speed, as some women want to be banged fast while others want to be pounded slowly with a lot of pressure involved. Keep whispering to her how sweet and tight she is down there. This really builds a woman’s confidence around you.

To satisfy your woman, you must be generous with pleasure, do not be in a hurry to cum while she is still in the mood. Go to climax together and cum together. Remember, finding your woman’s G-spot should be your number one goal. Let her help you find it. And if you two are really adventurous you can hire a beautiful escort from Charlotte Escorts to pleasure you both.

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